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Please note: I speak English. - dcljr

You reverted/deleted many new/empty articles[lakkaddaa gulaali]

Thank you for deleting those new pages without any significant text. I patrol Wikipedia Oromo to check spam or abusive recent changes. And I saw the increase in number of articles and wondered. As you saw those are Oromo words some with its definitions. I think those you deleted deserve to be in Wiktionary. I dont know if we can move these contents to wiktionary than deleting. Thank you for your contributions. (sorry for my English) — The previous comment was added by on 11 January 2021‎

I don't have the power to delete anything, as I am not an administrator or steward (cross-wiki administrator). Possibly I tagged something for deletion (that someone else came along and deleted) several months ago... I don't remember. My recent activities have been limited to reverting useless linking, as described at User talk: links and User talk:Ahrada2021#Inappropriate articles and links. - dcljr (talk) 14:34, 11 Amajjii 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]