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Hi Johannes Rohr,

The folllowing words can be translated into Oromoo:

  • Main Page = Fuula Dura
  • Current events = Gocha amma
  • Recent changes = Jijjirama Dhiho
  • Help = Qarqarsa
  • Donations = Keena
  • Search = Barbadu
  • Go = Fufi
  • Search = Barbadu
  • Discussion = Marii
  • Edit = Barressu
  • History = Seena

--Jose77 20:48, 4 April 2007 (UTC)

Done, thanks! --Johannes Rohr 22:08, 5 April 2007 (UTC)
He later made two more translations here.
Done --Johannes Rohr 16:54, 6 April 2007 (UTC)

Great improvements! This should help. To change buttons on left:

To change History tab on top:

Here are some more translations:

  • Random page = Fuula Garagara
  • Navigation = Ilalcha
  • Go = Fufi
  • Search = Barbadu
  • What links here = Mannin akka asiin walitti qabatte
  • Related changes = jijjirama walitti dhihatu
  • Upload file = File Galchu
  • Special pages = Fuula Adaa Ta'e
  • Printable version = Gosa Print Godhamu Danda'u
  • Permanent link = Yero Hunda Asiin Kaan Walitti Qabatte
  • Cite this article = Kutaa Kan Barbada
  • Article = Kutaa
  • Move = Chochosu
  • Protect = Eegu
  • Watch = Ilalu
  • Delete = Ballesu
  • My talk = Dubii Kiyya
  • My preferences = Fedhii Kiyya
  • My contributions = Keena Kiyya
  • Log in = Seenu
  • Log out = ba'u
  • Create Account = "Account"ii banu
  • Create an account = "Account"ii banu
  • January = Amajjii
  • February = Guraandhala
  • March = Bitootessa
  • April = Caamsaa
  • May = Ebla
  • June = Waaxabajjii
  • July = Adooleessa
  • August = Haggaya
  • September = Fulbaana
  • October = Onkoloolessa
  • November = Sadaasa
  • December = Muddee
  • Sunday = Dilbata
  • Monday = Wiixata
  • Tuesday = Kibxata
  • Wednesday = Roobii
  • Thursday = Kamsa
  • Friday = Jimmata
  • Saturday = Sanbata
  • Username = Maqaa nama Fayyadamu
  • Password = Passwordii
  • Retype password = Passwordii debsi barressi
  • Email = E mailii
  • Move page = Fuula dabarsi
  • To new title = Gara mataa duree hara
  • Reason = Sababa
  • Watch this page = Kutaa kanaa Ilalli

hi[Lakkaddaa gulaali]

Almost all pages that i had edited. for example every zone of oromo like Dhiha Hararghe and others.

--Diroma Elias 20:46, 1 Waaxabajjii 2007 (UTC)

Although i am unsatisfied by your previous answer for categorization, i hope you could specifically help me out with this one. When i translate i found some commands in english wikipedia with the bracket like this {{some word}} difficult to directly copy it to oromo wikipedia. the problem is that when copied and saved to oromo wikipedia, something like this comes - template:whatever. I would prefered not to ask you this but i realized that this commands contain a very important information in them. Take, {{Continuum mechanics}} in for example its a very important information. If you don't know the answer for this, just let me know, I will try to find other way to put it. Thanks for your helps johannes. --Diroma Elias 02:11, 17 Waaxabajjii 2007 (UTC)

What I meant was that I expected you would directly tell me why its not happening or atleast who is responsible for categorisation or if it automatically sets itself up, which it didnot". To tell you the truth everything that i write on oromo wikipedia is for the best of my people and i would never write fancy staff, staff for fun or whatever. If may be you guys are the ones that control this and are not doing anything about it thinking that I am just using fancy categorisation, well I just want to make my self clear "I don't do that" or atleast you could give me some advice on how I could write a category or I could translate the categories that I wrote so you could know what I am doing or easily you could just trust me, but whatever it is please lets keep everything straight. Anyways I already gave up on those categorisation staff because I didn't want to take a time categorising for what I don't see any result, I will just use that time to translate some other staff. thanks anyway--Diroma Elias 06:17, 19 Waaxabajjii 2007 (UTC)

Reply[Lakkaddaa gulaali]

Johannes, to define this I had to ask someone for it, someone from different state of Oromia. Because, in different states of Oromia the word could be used slightly differently. Example in my state we use bilash to mean free, which couldn't be understood by most states of Oromia. But, to put the most understandable meaning of free in wikipedia, you may have to use the word somehow related to freedom. In Oromic freedom means bilisumma and to define the word free, you have to derive it from the word billisumma. So free would be billisaa. I suggest you use this because this word is kind of related to both words. So the sentence you are looking for would be Wikipedia, Encylopedia Billisaa.