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Facts[edit | Lakkaddaa gulaali]

  • Name:- Lemi Asefa
  • Place of birth:- D/D,Oromia,Ethiopia
  • Born:- 1985GC
  • Occupation:- Legal Officer & Chef
  • website
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BIOGRAPHY[edit | Lakkaddaa gulaali]

Lemi Asefa Lemi Asefa is an Ethiopian famous Lawyer, Chef & blogger. Lemi born at one of the wonderful oldest Ethiopian . His mother Tadelech Geleta was Teacher while his Father Asefa Geleta was also English teacher at Olika Dingil and He known as one of greatest politician of the City and also he was a candidate for 2010 Ethiopian election by representing OFDN political party

Early Life[edit | Lakkaddaa gulaali]

Lemi, loves his family specially his Big Sister Lelise and his big brother Firomsa he also mentioned his family by saying "they are my everything I don't breath without them" Lemi have worked for several years at Oromia Supreme courts as a Legal Officer. but, he left his job since November 2012 in order to run his own business. He finds a way of standing out by incorporating an anagram in his life.

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